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Francesca Claire

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‘Becoming Multidimensional,
A Link To The Beyond’

I share my story to inspire others to believe in their HigherSelf powers and break the boundaries of what we think the reality around us has to offer, to reach beyond our perceived limitations.

I am not one known to seek the limelight and public speaking but my soul’s calling has put me in the position to share publicly my story, it is a Divine-Impetus that my usually extremely shy Ego-Self can not interfere with. I am humbled and honoured and at the same time, feel an innate sense of responsibility for the role my soul has agreed to engage upon in this lifetime for our planet and will try my best to explain the outwardly events which have lead me to perform the different kinds of energy work I do today.

Throughout most of my life I would have never described myself as particularly spiritual or religious in any way and whilst always attracted to the vastness of our universe, quantum physics concepts and the mysteries of our ancient civilizations and their architectures, these were purely intellectual pursuits. Then a few years ago overnight many of my beliefs and parameters changed in what was quite literally a lightening of energy. 

Without any prior knowledge or experience in this field I suddenly had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. Often Kundalini awakenings are associated with intense long yoga mediation practices, near-death experiences or traumatic events but I had none of those to trigger mine; it happened in a very calm and happy period of my life, showing that a sudden 360 degree spiritual awakening can happen at any moment to anyone. When the soul is ready and meant to activate further, it will. 


Activating the Light Body

Following the Kundalini activation I underwent several intense energetic reactions and changes throughout my physical body and energy fields, some were extremely pleasurable while at times others were uncomfortable and bewildering, often associated with paranormal experiences. I witnessed many luminous apparitions: swirling blinding white lights around me, a shower of fluorescent light coming into my crown chakra and illuminating every part inside of me, visions of an acqua-green energetic net (the planetary light grid) all around the room, mesmerizing columns of shimmering oscillating electric-blue light standing next to me…I was amazed at my lack of fear in front of these initial light experiences, they always felt very high vibrational and peaceful, these were part of my energetic activations and my initial encounters with my Team of Light. Subsequently my perception of the world “beyond the veil” increased rapidly and I started receiving unsolicited messages from the departed, including famous figures such as Gandhi, Tesla, Edgar Cayce, to the Angelics and Ascended Masters, highly evolved light-beings from higher dimensions to the Earth’s Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms..with information coming into my awareness I had no prior knowledge of, it was like the Universe’s Mind Database had started opening up to me. 

As I opened further my chakras and embodied increasing amounts of higher life-force energy, different areas of my light body started activating, I started to experience widespread tingling sensations, electric currents moving thought my cranium like if I were being energetically operated on, unusual liquid-like heat sensations constantly moving thought different parts of the body…what later I understood to be the Kundalini energy rising and dancing around inside of me. I started experiencing extreme feelings of overwhelming joy and love pouring in from a place which my logical brain could not understand; when this happens the love is so strong and overwhelming that often floods of tears just roll down my face, it feels like experiencing a Transcendental Love Infusion. It took me a year and many readings with famous people in this field to understand and accept this transformation, that I had opened up the door to a deeper connection to my HigherSelf and my beautiful interdimensional team of light-being guides…We all have these aspects accompanying us throughout our journey here in the physical realm and they can be activated in everyone when the moment is right.

Many strange, wonderful and incomprehensible synchronicities started happening constantly, always seemed to be such a ‘perfect coincidence’ which were impossible to logically explain…that is how the concept of Cosmic Coincidences was first shown to me.  I started developing further my openings and developed Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience and more recently Clairvoyance which have enabled me to perceive and interact with the higher dimensions and energetic structures around us. It was at the start a steep learning curve to climb and accepting this reality-perception-shift was a challenging process, my previous ‘controlled and contained ‘doll-house reality’ had been blasted wide open and transformed into what could be called a ‘galactic interdimensional elevator scenario!’ Controlling who came into my new elevator, effectively an interdimensional portal, was not easy at the start especially seen my empathic and giving nature and I had to very quickly and abruptly develop interdimensional discernment and boundaries, something we are not taught at school…something I am always keen to remind fellow souls on a similar path to do regularly. I am extremely grateful to the new connections who appeared on my path and helped me understand this process of ‘energetic boundaries’ human is born with this understanding and when on this multidimensional-awakening path we all go through an initial solitary discovery process to find our inner power, to then finally find like-minded souls with whom to share our stories and  help each other through the various and never ending activation processes.It is indeed the new connections I have made in this field and their feedback on my services that have helped tremendously my human self find the courage to tell my story to a wider public, as a wise soul told me “if you don’t it would be like Bach playing the piano only in his basement and nobody enjoying the music, go out and display your music…’

Higher Self Integration & Telepathic Communication

In one of my initial openings I was made aware by higher guidance that my higher heart chakra had been expanded, by who I thought? I soon realised the body was undergoing constant changes automatically without my conscious command. The energy in my chest felt explosive for weeks after which the brain-led aspect of Self, often referred to as the Ego, took a step back and I began to be guided more by my Higher-Self. This went a further step deeper when one of my guides from Sirius advised me: ‘Your Monad is ready for integration when you are ready’…I asked what that meant, they said ‘it is to enable a larger aspect of your light to come down into your physical body’…at the time I obviously had not a full understanding of what that could mean but something inside led me to say ‘Yes I am ready’…and I proceeded to connect with the intention of allowing this to happen. The following morning I woke up feeling as if I had became double the size…although I looked the same I felt I had ‘expanded’, difficult to explain this sensation, it was similar to having  an invisible energy rubber band around my entire body and it felt as if I could not fit properly through doors or in the shower…I soon got used to this new feeling and then suddenly a new but familiar energetic voice started speaking to me…like if it were a mother figure or a wiser and more knowledgeable version of myself who seemed to know everything…my Higher-Self had come completely online’. Having my Higher-Self connection go from what people experience and refer to as a gut feeling/inner knowing to openly speaking directly to me was indeed challenging, we are used to hearing our own thoughts inside but this was completely different, it was bigger than my other thoughts and could not be switched off, however it did subside if I were to panic from this sudden ‘ON’ function. This aspect of Higher-Self integration has been totally life-transforming and reality-shifting; there is no hiding, your righteous inner barometer becomes much stronger than your Ego voice and you can not ignore it…There was an inevitable initial power-struggle experienced between the two but it was unavoidable who would end up leading the show. After this ‘merging’ the path in front starts to become clearer and illuminated, this is not to say that it is always easy to remain on one’s new understood path…far from it but there is a new acquired awareness, an expanded vision, a higher pull helping you navigate your human journey.
My clairaudience started at times to be overridden by instant Telepathic Communication, especially with my higher dimensional Star-being guides, often there are no full constructed phrases when we interact it is as if entire feelings/concepts are transferred instantly through downloads or ‘knowingness’ and frequently through the usage of imagery. They know what I am thinking even before I have fully realised myself what it is I was thinking, the communication in these higher dimensions is faster than how our human brain puts together concepts into phrases. They occasionally help me not waste time if I am about to start a repetitive thought-loop that would have no productive outcome, and they show me instead what is in my highest best interest beforehand, it is like having an adviser always there with you…however they can not take away all of one’s human suffering as this is often connected to important lessons which we are meant to solve by ourselves alone otherwise the learning sought within it would not be fully achieved. There is always the element of free-will where the human power is not to be given away or interfered with by our guides, boundaries are respected in the highest and best interest of the part of the soul having the human experience, this is rule number one to understand and discern by during interdimensional communications. Telepathic communication is so fast that when I channel readings I have often absorbed & understood the entire notion long before it has been transformed and translated from my brain’s ‘transformer dictionary system’ out to be delivered, there is a substantial time-lag between the instant when a human has downloaded a message from beyond to the time employed in order to reformat and deliver it in words. It is clear the decoding the brain does is an instant matching to find the best word existing in the channeler’s brain that fits the download, as I speak 4 different languages often some words get used from different languages which highlights the automatization of the translation being conducted beyond my human front control.

This new understanding of the soul as a multidimensional frequency with many manifestations both on this planet and in other realities was totally life changing for my human’s life-outlook, a tremendous inner growth was achieved, a new sense of peace and trust in the Universe pervades now my decision making as opposed to the previous controlling and worrying style I used to adopt.  Since integrating the Higher-Self I have been connected further into my Monad Oversoul, the group within which my Higher-Self resides. The interaction with this aspect of one’s source is beyond words and through this group I connect into SOURCE, where I experience a complete sense of Oneness and All that IS. When I plug in and download the codes from this aspect there are no perceived characteristics, distinctions or traits, all I perceive is an Infinity of Light, it is all ONE, Everything and Nothing at the same time, a boundless expanse of energetic love which just feels like Home

Surrendering to this integration has enabled me to slide into my soul’s mission, one I have been reminded many times is under Divine-Will, it is not a choice I make at the human perception level and not a solitary pursuit, it is indeed supported by many powerful spiritual figures aiding me in delivering my Soul’s work. Surrendering to this multidimensional self-awareness and interaction was key and I am now extremely grateful and overjoyed for all these higher aspects of Self and guides who are working with me here in this physical plane. Many others in our reality are experiencing this shift and hearing the inner call, I am not alone in this transformation, this is where many of us are headed.

Experiencing increasingly powerful and blissful energetic transmissions and also receiving many external confirmations by other peers knowledgeable in these phenomena helped me progress rapidly to exchanging the initial feelings of disbelief and rejection with those of AWE and Excitement, and hope my story inspires others on similar journeys to do the same. 

My initial interaction with the higher dimensions was with the Angelic Realms and the Arcturians, of whom I had never heard of before. The concept of the existence of beings from other dimensions not only helping us but also forming part of our own Soul’s lineage took me a while to understand and integrate as these notions were not ones I believed in or had sought out to discover at all in the past, so I can understand the potential bewilderment some may have in hearing these events I describe. 

12th Dimensional Golden Merkabah Activation

After a tough lesson in ‘interdimensional navigation’ I  was contacted by the light force we refer to in the western world as Archangel Metatron, who informed me the coming forward was to assist me in upgrading my Merkabah, the light body vehicle present around every human, into it’s new 12th dimensional golden version in order to aide further my work in the interdimensional ascension process.  I was initially hesitant to push further my ‘openings’ as I was busy trying to integrate all that which had happened until that point, trying to merge all of my new-found ABOVE Awareness with my BELOW physical  daily life, however I knew there was a profound reason for an energy of this magnitude to come forward, and it just felt normal to follow this guidance. I was explained this was something my Higher-Self had pre-agreed to have happen at this stage of my activation (like all of our experiences!) an upgraded Merkabah is a necessary step in order to safely and effectively do the work I have come to do and navigate the higher realms and interdimensional corridors I had opened further in my field. This beautiful work and interaction with Metatron lasted many months and I would find myself daily in the middle of my lounge spinning extremely fast into a circular vortex moved by an extreme force outside of my control, it felt like being held by the Universe…I would end up on the floor in a state of heightened awareness with strong electrical currents swirling all around me, my face muscles moving in all directions as if I were inside a wind turbine or inside an ascending rocket-jet, an extremely strong physical experience which however did not scare me, when the frequency is this high and pure love you can sense this at a visceral level beyond the brain and then surrendering is made possible. I was guided into this routine daily for a while and could feel every day expand my Merkabah further and further and my frequency higher and higher…and extremely powerful protective light around me became permanent. I also no longer needed so much to ground barefoot on the earth as I used to do before as I had now become  permanently connected into the energetic crystalline structure inside the core of the planet, a totally different form of energetic grounding was taking place. I will be forever grateful for these moments spent with Metatron (and to think a few years prior to this I had no belief at all in these potent energies humans call Angels…the irony of it all!), and the day I was told ‘You are ready to do this alone you don’t need me anymore‘ was a bitter sweet moment, I actually cried for a few days, I did not want to let go of being held, but this was true, it is only by the momentary distancing that I was fully able to become aware of my own  re-found interdimensional power, reconnected to my own Soul’s Mastership. This is what many of us are here to experience: allowing ourselves to look beyond our current constructs, trust to be held and guided by the higher dimensions to then once fully activated go out and share our new re-found truths and capabilities.. Those who are activating first are here to inspire and show others the way by working and shining their own unique inner light with grace, prompting others, without intruding or judging, to rediscover their own Soul-Magic and Sovereignty. Each in their own timing with their chosen modalities and intensities, there is no absolute one-way for everyone or one standard outcome…and may nobody depend on anybody and each activate their awareness of the connection to the Eternal Light Source, stepping into and mastering one’s Light Sovereignty

I spent the following months interacting with many other Archangelic Rays and Ascended Masters, all with so much love and wisdom to share, beyond bewildering but at the same time it all felt very familiar…I imagine that’s why it is often called a Remembering. I found myself starting to do vast amounts of body-channelling, where the frequency comes in to me and moves my body as if the deities were transforming into me, the first who did this were Ganesha and Shiva, I danced and moved like them vigorously in beautiful technical ways which I could never replicate unless I am in a channelled state (my human aspect has always had zero coordination skills!)  at a later stage I was told by a friend that this dance I performed was a Shiva-Parvati ritual dance, beautiful confirmation.  Many more followed Vishnu, Bastet, Isis,Ra, Merlin, Angels and even animal group consciousness..including my spirit animal guide and soul manifestation the Leopard, all moving me in ways very akin to the personalities and virtues they represent. Dance-channelling creates very magical moments as without the use of worded messages one experiences the merging and high vibrational love without any intrusion of thoughts.

My Arcturian guides were the first of my higher dimensional selves to step up immensely their interaction with me and enabled an upgrade of my energetic centres so that I would be able to bring down through my body higher frequency information transmissions into our dimension. I started initially only voice channelling them, this took various weeks of fine tuning my voice and expanding my energetic pathways so to hold their extremely fine frequency and high pitched sounds, I produced initially many strange noises akin to an old kettle at boiling point and would become out of breath, after various days doing this when actual words finally came out it was like giving birth to another dimension.. the first words they channelled through me were ‘We love you’…I will never forget that moment and the extreme love frequency that came with that message, something I had never experienced in this plane before.  After this initial training I was told I would bring down and absorb certain aspects of my actual Arcturian Self and embody them permanently in order to perform further the core reason my soul chose to incarnate in this life: to perform energetic transmissions for upgrading the planetary light and crystalline grids, commonly referred by humans as Gridwork. As I had no prior understand of this type of energy work, my guides suggested I try to see myself as an ‘Engineer of Light‘ operating on a switchboard computer-style device in front of me, my own Arcturian gate portal, akin to a travel transformer adaptor-plug which is pulling higher dimensional energies and transforming them to be inserted in to this current Earth reality. They explained that my newly upgraded light body (both my physical and energetic fields) were now behaving like a interdimensional vessel powered by Arcturian technology with many portals to various different dimensions groups working with me in this Interdimensional group project… I must admit at the start these explanations often went into one ear and out of the other, there was an initial limit as to how fast and how deeply my human brain could digest these notions!…whereas now all the new information that comes in doesn’t seem to faze me that much anymore I just seem to know it already within as accepted truths, they are just one of the many pieces of the puzzle of the multidimensional reality we are part of which I start remembering increasingly by the day.

Shortly after I started experiencing yet another unknow concept to me when I found myself all of a sudden speaking, writing and embodying through hand and dance movements Light Language. Although I had an initial resistance to it, I immediately started feeling the benefits, ranging from extreme joy and excitement to calm and serenity. The high energetic feeling which followed these downloading sessions of Light Language Codes felt like shifting temporarily into another dimension and although I could not understand any of it logically I just felt compelled to explore this further. The initial Light Language speaking for me occurred suddenly in front of my cats who responded immediately and always come towards me in these moments and in their own way always acknowledge the receipt of energy (they do have a strong preference for spoken Lyran!) This clearly showcased how Light Language is a form of communication registered beyond the human construct also by animals, and just as with interdimensional beings of light it narrows down the gap between different species and dimensions. It is beyond the human logic, hard to describe but once experienced internally it is impossible to deny its effects…increasing numbers of people are waking up to this vibrational language, it is part of our Soul’s natural state of being and integral part of the energetic fabric of our Universe.


Gridwork On The Planet’s Crystalline Light Grids

After the initial integration of my Arcturian Self I started working with several other guides and versions of my Self in other dimensions, specifically from Sirius who introduced and guided me in this Gridworker role, focusing in the reprogramming of the Earth’s crystalline and light grids and also the reconnecting and reactivating of energetic templates from the times of Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria, and I am often shown some of my Soul’s incarnations in these times which I am connecting into. One of the most relevant to my current phase in this incarnation being that of a life in Atlantis where I was in charge of the blue crystal pyramid, the main portal of interdimensional travel & communications for Atlantis.

I spend many hours a week transferring codes into our planet’s energetic grids, meaning I am extracting high frequencies from one of the interdimensional portals I have in my energy field, the Light Codes come out from my hands and are then inserted in another Earth Energy Portal in front of me. I initially struggled to comprehend such a visually abstract pursuit, however an automated part of myself just lovingly started doing this with such powerful focus and loving dedication I could not stop it, I would observe myself with awe doing this from outside and would just feel immense love and a total absence of any ‘linear-human-questioning’ of how could all this be possible or explainable.. It is undeniable that even from a tangible human physical perspective something very powerful is happening…each session leaves me with such a strong surge of energy, my heart chakra exploding, my face twitching and out of breath., I have extreme amounts of energy and do not need to eat anything for hours and hours. I feel these currents come in and through me as if I were an electric plug, I have been shown images of my gridwork as an immense blinding column of light coming through the many layers of reality of the higher dimensions into and through me to then anchor deep into connecting to the crystalline core of the planet. This is the image I get when I am connecting into the Great Galactic Central Sun (GGCS), the energetic source of our universe, the codes for this part of the gridwork are very different from the rest, they are extremely powerful yet seem to have more of a neutral and solemnly tone, I assume a tree-like still position whereas with all my other guides the gridwork comprises of very fast body movements and hand waving generated codes. Connecting into GGCS it is more of a static process with very slow movements and my eyes become transfixed as if they were totally frozen and I become fully aware of my connection to Source, the Oneness Love field, that I AM ‘the filed’,  the love energy experienced is immense.  

Our eyes are such powerful energy projector tools, my Sirius guides also taught me to perform gridwork through my eye’s pupils, during which I can feel a piercing yet pleasurable energy come through my eyes, a steady flow of pressure behind my pupils which start to  move fast and draw with their movements Sirian Light Language codes in the air, a very strange sensation where I can still see to a degree what is around me but not 100%,  it is not my human self deciding on how to move my pupils they just start going alone, however I can interrupt this process instantly if I want. This always happens only if I am alone and in a safe environment where I do not need to see where I am walking, it usually has happened while I am in a taxi crossing the entire radius of London, I look out of the window and I start coding into the light matrix of the city. I was told at times taxi drivers are actually gridworkers working on a specific area although they have no idea that is what they are doing on an energetic level. I have met many who indeed where gridworkers in incognito, I am shown this link straight away, but I don’t always tell them I know. How much does everyone really want to know? I usually get a sign someone wants/needs to know otherwise I don’t disclose what I see. My current gridworker role is in the UK as it harbours the heart chakra of the planet…and London has been needing great transmuting energy work. I have been dreaming about leaving London for many years, wanting to live by the sea in nature, like how many other recently awakened lightworkers do but I find myself for now still here in a dense city…we are all placed where we need to be and I am to carry on cleansing and activating this part of the planet. 

Shortly after connecting to my soul’s aspect and guides in Sirius, I connected with the other versions of my soul manifesting within the higher planes of Lyra, Pleiades, Andromeda, and The Hathors group in Venus. They too are all participating in the upgrade of the Earth’s planetary grids and also come forward when I perform Light Language coding and healing for other souls who are ready to open up further to their own higher-dimension connections.

Embodying The White Flame

After being contacted by Ascended Master Serapis Bey with the White Light Brotherhood and more recently by Lord Kumara  my inner White Flame frequency connection was activated. I must highlight that at the time I had absolutely no ‘conscious’ awareness about who these Divine Masters were, I had no knowledge of who was talking to me that I had to google the names and what they were telling then find it exactly replicated on Wikipedia! This is how I started trusting what I heard…no previous knowledge therefore no previous conditioning on my behalf, the content I download is often confirmed back to me as true from sources outside of my self.  Since then they have been aiding me in remembering my Soul’s position within the White Light Brotherhood group and its connection to the White Flame and helped me reactivate it in order to share it in my transmissions. This is an extremely powerful purification frequency which aids further the process of shedding low density accumulations of energy in geographic locations or in individuals (for example past traumas and emotional blockages which often are stored in one’s energetic fields) it creates ‘new space’ in order for the higher frequencies coming into the planet to be absorbed & stored. In one of my White Flame transmission healings the receiver who is already energetically advanced and clairvoyant said they could see my portal above my head open and I become one with a white blinding flame light which was too intense to be looked at. Receiving many of these beautiful feedbacks has helped me tremendously in accepting the transformation I have undergone and the new capabilities which are emerging.
The White Flame is referred often as the frequency of Ascension helping humans in their energetic transformational journey of expanding their light bodies and consciousness. 

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The Samadhi Quartz Connection

In 2019 I had a sudden inexplicable calling to come in close contact with the Himalayan Samadhi Quartz.I had always loved crystals and stone jewels in a ‘measured way’ and not particularly from a metaphysical perspective, but suddenly the call became magnetic and their embedded properties shone through into my perception without having had any prior knowledge of those attributes. Without any linear logical explanation, I went on a quest to accumulate vast amounts of this rare and sought-after crystal and after several months I finally received my first wholesale shipment direct from the family who operates the main Samadhi Quartz reservoirs in India. 11 big trunks of Himalayan Quartz arrived on my doorstep on a busy suburban street in London (!) 11 has always been my magic number since I was little – one of the many Cosmic-Coincidences that kept manifesting themselves throughout my journey as subtle signs of confirmation. As the beautiful soul in the mines in India said to me after agreeing the sell (a first, seen we had never met in person nor was I yet an established crystal shop):these are Samadhi Quartz, it is they who decide where and to whom they want to go to”.

I would like to highlight that at the time I still could not hear guidance as I do today, I had not yet fully integrated my Higher-Self to an audible level, and had no planned commercial project in mind, I did not know what exactly to do with this big stock of Himalayan Quartz I had invested in?!My house already overflowed with hundreds of crystals and I had to invest further in a storage space for them, but I didn’t question myself much as I felt inside I was to do great work with them, I just knew. I still worked full time in my corporate career with little spare time on my hands, and this was a big investment for me..(a few around me no-doubt must have thought it was a moment of economic recklessness!) without a clear logic this was purely a heart-led action and I started gifting them for free to many I was guided to (an expensive pursuit for me!) This example of my ‘Samadhi call-to-action’ represents an example of taking the plunge to surrender to the inner call, as the Latin famous saying goes: “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat”  > Fortune (the Universe!) favours the Brave. I have had demonstrations of this saying to be true in my life various times even in my previous career, and although it is not always easy to implement I do try to remind myself of this formula when facing unknown beginnings.

Since then, I have come to learn the divine workings behind the sudden call towards this beautiful transcendent Quartz, was the wakeup-call initiation of a soul-contract I have in this lifetime with the Samadhi Himalayan crystal group consciousness and the Arcturians, for all 3 we are to serve together in the spreading of higher frequencies for the planetary shift, and through these beautiful crystals is one of the ways in which we have chosen to operate. I have been taught to download the Arcturian Light Language coded frequencies I body channel right into these beautiful Quartz specimens, therefore enhancing even further the powerful frequencies the Samadhi already posses.

I have since opened up to the entire Crystal Consciousness Realm and receive crystal messages from all the different crystal groups who participate when I conduct bespoke crystal paring consultations for individuals. It is beautiful and astonishing how specific crystals come forward to deliver messages for certain people who could benefit from their specific energy. The crystal connection for me is one so deep within and close to my heart that it often brings tears of pure love. No wonder that in the many readings I received from experts in the filed I have often been ‘diagnosed’ as a Crystal Child (“the main purpose of Crystal Children is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law of One, mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing” > )

Frequently when I hold a crystal a soft yet profound whisper deep down in my soul reminds me: “this is what you came for”.