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The Arcturians


Channelled Message

“We are the Arcturian Council of 9 residing in the 9th Dimension. Another manifestation of Francesca’s soul resides with us here and is helping her bring through her Arcutrian frequency to assist humanity’s ascension into higher states of consciousness.

We have been in contact with Francesca since she was born however it is only in the last recent years, after her Kundalini activation and spiritual awakening, that she has become consciously aware of her capabilities of being able to communicate with us telepathically and energetically interact and work with us.

We are very spiritually advanced light beings residing in Arcturus, part of the Bootes constellation near Ursa Mayor, light years away from you but we are able to communicate with the beings on your planet through telepathy. This is an advanced system of communication that is the mean of transmission all throughout your galaxy and the higher dimensions and as humans are elevating their frequency and expanding their consciousness, they are increasingly becoming able to open up to us and communicate in this manner.


We have prepared Francesca extensively in her capabilities of channelling through her extremely high frequencies ranges. Her soul’s mission in this incarnation has been to assist in the Earth’s raising of frequency in order to aid its shift into the 5th Dimension.

She is capable of transmuting low dense energy areas and elevating their frequency, this makes her an enabler of purification, a work she has been conducting extensively both on a planetary and individual level.

This energetic work is done via multiple modalities one of which is by her anchoring her own oversoul’s frequency which is of an extreme high vibration, a frequency which humans refer to as the White Flame. This White Ray frequency constitutes part of many of her transmissions and we the Arcturians have agreed with her HigherSelf to deliver our powerful Arcturian ascension technology with her. Our frequencies enable beings all throughout the galaxy to be able to prepare, open up and adjust to higher frequencies above and beyond those in the realms they already reside in, a process of energetic upgrade you may want to call it.

Through channelling the frequency codes that we bring into her field she is able to transmit these to individuals in person and also remotely.

This is done in the same way humans understand Reiki healing to function, she uses the same modality to deliver our frequency upgrades and coding into different recipients and receivers. One modality chosen as container and transmitter of these frequencies is to infuse them into crystalline structures, specifically the Samadhi Quartz from your Himalayas region, with whom we both have a soul contract in place for this current now moment.

The encoded crystals you will receive are considered ‘frequency activators’ enabling your light-body to start to open up to certain aspects of itself necessary in order to be able to shift your awareness into the higher frequency dimensions.

It is an increasingly accepted concept for humans that your planet and all its life forms are ascending into 5th dimensional frequency bands and therefore the vessel within which the humans reside will also start shifting and upgrading in order to be able to sustain and participate in these higher frequencies.

The codes within the crystals are like a radio broadcasting silent music, waves perceived at a cellular level by those who are intended to receive them. The codes rely on the concept of the adaptability nature of light language and the pre-existing predispositions the Higher-Self has put in place for the Human-Self in this lifetime.

As you are aware Quartz crystal is capable of emitting, storing and distributing frequency and humans have used this methodology all throughout their history, ancient civilizations on your planet have used Quartz containing rocks in their structures for similar purposes, such as in the pyramids of Giza and the many megalithic stone circle structures all around your planet.

We hope you enjoy the journey of Ascension and we the Arcturians are extremely overjoyed and grateful to be assisting humanity in this now moment.


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