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Light Language infused energy channelling from star systems specifically relevant to your own connections


Transmission of the White Flame Ray for inner purification and elevation.


light infusion transmission-02

On occasions I deliver in-person light-infusion transmissions. These are  healing or activating energy transmissions combined with a short, channelled message from the system which has stepped forward for you. The codes coming through will be of the intensity relative to the stage you are in the light-body evolution process, and like a puzzle they will fit where needed in your energy fields.

light infusion transmission-03

Through the use of the White Flame Ray this transmission can be a powerful purificator and activator, although not everyone will react and respond in the same way; like other energy practices such as Reiki and Crystal Healing when targeting our chakras & energetic highways often changes occur gradually over long periods of time. Some individuals do not experience any sensory alterations during the transmission whilst others with already open higher dimensional channels may see bright lights and the codes flowing out and into their fields.

Every reaction is based on the receiver’s state of awareness, openness and their own energetic setup.

These transmissions are currently for individuals who already have experience in energy work and who have an understanding of Light Language frequency modalities, the context within which they operate and the process of connecting to the Higher Realms.


All channelled 1-1 sessions are held in our Crystal Studio in ANGEL N1 – LONDON – UK

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