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Direct from the Himalayas to me…to you, nobody in between.

How often do you hold extremely ancient fragments of our planet in your hands? These are the Jewels Gaia is gifting Humanity in its evolution towards Unity Consciousness. 

Formed over many hundred million years ago in the Himalayas region, the Quartz from this area carries the frequency of the highest mountain range in the world. The pockets in which these high-altitude crystals are found are nested in the steep elevations of the peaks which can only be reached after various days by foot. This makes them rarer than other commonly found quartz and one of the most cherished and sought-after crystals of our current times. Their extraction is a dedicated and delicate pursuit as the crystals are gently removed by hand without the use of machines. The miners can only access this area of small cavities in the high altitude glaciers of the Kullu Valley region in Himachal Pradesh India during the summer months when the snow has melted and the pockets become accessible, adding only more allure and preciousness to these gems from mother Earth. The locals refer to these crystals as the Eyes of God as they carry the majestic energy of the mountains in which they are formed, an area also known for its famous spiritual pilgrimages.

The serene but extremely fine frequency that these crystals emit is known to help elevate one’s vibration, expand one’s perception and go deeper into one’s consciousness. Aptly called Samadhi which in Sanskrit means “Connection To Oneness”, they are known as the Crystals of Enlightenment.

Their appearance can range from water-crystal-clear to a varied display of rich deep hues, blush pink, chlorite green, burgundy reds, warm golden yellows and smokey, depending on the wide variety of different mineral inclusions they carry which also gives them additional different metaphysical properties. The mineral inclusion will make the price vary, there can be indeed a wide range of pricing due to the rarity and their hard-to-reach location, which means Samadhi Quartz is often priced at the top end of the market, with the Green variety being often one of the most expensive variations.

Different variations are still being discovered in this region of the Himalayas such as the Nirvana or Ice Quartz, where the shape is etched and irregular hence often resembling pieces of ice.

Due to their fragile nature and pressurized location formation they often display irregular shapes and uneven points, sediment mica and exterior mineral formations may at times be present on certain exterior parts of the crystal, adding to the uniqueness of each peace.

Pricing depends on the size and weight but also on the clarity, the array of different inclusions and certain particular shapes. The larger pieces which are often used to elevate the frequency of big spaces or for group energy work are priced as collector’s statement pieces.

The large stock we currently have is of an extremely high grade, considered collector’s quality, however we will be adding also various other degrees of clarity in our future updates.

These are truly enchanting crystals blending the pure energies deriving from the pristine natural environment and divine vibration of the Himalayas peaks with extremely advanced spiritual Arcturian frequencies. 

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We are assured of the integrity of the entire extraction process and the miners involved. These crystals have not previously been owned nor sold via intermediaries, they come directly from the mountains to us from the family that operates the mines. We have a beautiful connection with this family, who have, over time become our friends. Our paths did not meet randomly…they are intertwined from the beyond and by sharing these beautiful crystal consciousness specimens into the world, we are assisting in the  ‘Samadhi of the Collective’…this is a Higher-Self calling.

At Cosmic Coincidences we are keen to show our gratitude to the motherland of our crystals and we aim to provide support to the local community by helping different local charities and projects. Currently we are collaborating with donations to the NAB School for Blind Children, NH 21 Saravri, Kullu Himachal Pradesh 175101, India

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Crystal Coding Process

Quartz is known to be a powerful vehicle for the storing and transmitting of information, used through all of mankind’s history it is increasingly prevalent in most of our current advanced technologies. Unsurprisingly, it is also used widely in Meditation, Manifesting and Thought-Focusing practices.

Similar to the well known Lemurian crystals which have stored Lemurian frequencies within them, these crystals have been coded with higher dimensional Arcturian Codes. The coding process is based on similar working principles of Reiki healing, by opening an energy portal of healing with my Arcturian council & self they are infused and downloaded with Arcturian frequency codes. This energetic transfer is channelled in a Sacred and Sovereign space with the assistance of also the White Ray Ascension flame, making these crystals an even more powerful companion in meditation and frequency-elevating practices.

Each coded crystal will come with an additional small card containing an Arcturian Light Language symbol to gaze at and keep with your crystal. 

Please note: Each individual responds differently to the frequencies it interacts with, and there is no ‘one-fits-all’ reaction guaranteed. It’s a journey of expanding awareness that can be very gradual or quite sudden, as it is your current light-body condition which will determine the modality (depth-intensity-scope) of interaction with the codes.

Retain an open mind, listen to the whispers and look out for the signs…connect the dots even if initially they seem to be just coincidences…see them as divinely connected cosmic coincidences…trust those ah-ha! moments and use them to dive deeper into your Higher-Self connection as that is the gate to the understanding of your multidimensional nature.

Just as each spiritual awakening is unique, we all open up to the other layers of ourselves in different and distinctive ways. The only certainty is that, just like the caterpillar’s struggle into becoming a butterfly, this isn’t an overnight process, rather a non-linear, occasionally bumpy but marvellous Divinely-timed transformation…the journey never ends… Enjoy the ride!