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Light Language is the fabric of the Universe…of our own energetic imprint, a universal form of communication used between dimensions, it is not linearly accessed by our brain rather by our light body, especially our heart chakra portal, it communicates directly with the Soul in an energetical way instead of the Ego aspect of ourselves.


These encoded frequencies are alive and dynamic, they travel though space and time and reach us from other dimensions, they represent the means of communication throughout the many layers of multiple realities, they could be seen as an Inter-Galactic phone line, a means of accessing both the energy fields around us and beyond our immediate plane. They encapsulate great amounts of information and their essence can be shared via voice, through hand and body movements,  graphically via written and artistic displays or transmitted through vessels such as crystalline structures. Light Language can be considered both an ancient and a futuristic tool that escapes the logical thought process of mankind’s linear thinking patterns, it is instead absorbed through one’s subtle energy pathways. Even though Light Language can have different ‘flavours’ or sounds, depending on which dimension it is originating from it will carry universally understood concepts that cannot be misinterpreted or denied for those who are meant to receive it. Throughout time it has been referred to in many ways such as speaking in tongs, galactic star language or angel language.

Through a channelling session, I am able to bring through the Light Language codes relevant to a specific Soul’s journey or for an entire Group Collective, the written codes do not expire and can be accessed when the timing is right for each individual in their own unique ways. 

The Key to unlocking Light Language transmissions resides within, when the Soul is ready it will be curious and seek…and will react to the codes it encounters in a way that is meant specifically for its own journey; they can’t work where they are not meant to…nothing is by accident…it is all part of each and everyone’s own Divine-Design.



Akin to an Akashic reading, by providing consent I will open a sacred and sovereign space in which I will channel into your own Higher-Self who will allow the appropriate energies from the relevant systems and light sources specifically connected to you to come forward and deliver your own unique light language codes with a relevant theme message.

Price $160

+P&P calculate at check out

Package includes:
• 1 large hand painted code
• 1 small calligraphic encoded note, both with a title ‘theme’ specifically relevant to you.

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for production.