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Pearls Of Wisdom… Love and Guidance From Beyond

Arcturian channelled message:
“We are the Arcturian council in the 9th dimension and we are excited to have a platform to share the work we have been doing diligently with our soul family member Francesca.
We wish to let speak her Arcturian self:
“I am the version of Francesca who resides in the Bootes Constellation system, she has many versions of her soul residing in many dimensions and I am one of them. I reside in Arcturus but operate mainly from our interdimentional home Athena where I am in charge of all the interdimensional travelling and mechanisms of tele-transportation of everyone within our star system to and from our outposts located throughout many dimensions which I oversee. As a race we do travel greatly interdimensionally as we work thoroughly with many races across all dimensions in order to help them ascend and upgrade their own energetic fields and ignite their spiritual growths in their own formats and highest good. We are indeed performing the same task with Francesca, this is however a special situation as it is an aspect of an Arcturian soul embedded in human form which means she is often operating as me in the moment she undertakes key energetic workings, planetary gridwork, healings and activations. It is difficult for a human to understand they have these other aspects of themselves in other dimensions as you do not tend to interact with them normally, however you are capable of perceiving messages and those who work on their energetic fields and expand certain chakras can start to develop this awareness and gradually open up to telepathic communication. To begin to perceive who you are in different areas of this galaxy and obtain certain knowledge can aide you in many different ways on your path. This is what Francesca is doing, not only does she openly communicate interdimensionally but she also has enabled her body to absorb greater amounts of energy therefore I am able to project an aspect of my light into her,  you could compare this procedure to what you call your blue-tooth sharing devices. 
In key moments this is how she receives aspects of myself and operates as me and is therefore able to store and emit my own relevant energetic connections comprising of light language codes and frequencies which enable her to perform what it is that we are being asked to deliver in your dimension.
We are delighted to be assisting my human self and the entire collective in spreading the awareness of who you are multidimensionally, to help you propel yourselves in this opening towards these advanced energies and higher aspects of yourself.
This is a wonderful journey of transformation and we are delighted and excited to be witnessing this with you”