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July 26, 2022

Azuzena A.M.R.


“They are not only beautiful pieces of art, but they open cosmic portals and download energy codes assisting starseeds and light workers on our mission on Earth. Her creations will provide you exactly with the energy that you need to receive in order to advance on your spiritual journey. The energy from my Lyran’s codes is very different from the energy of my Arcturian’s codes. The colours of the codes is so beautiful and also transmit healing energy. The room were my light codes are located feels so different to the rest of my house. I feel more creative and focused there. Sometimes I feel streams of energy coming from the light codes and my heart fills with immense joy and love. I can also feel cosmic beings around.

The light codes provide cosmic activations for starseeds and light workers. They contain very powerful technology that will activate you and heal you according to your higher self needs. I felt a big upgrade with each code, I started to have more visions and connection with star beings. They are also a great source of protection. They assisted me during a great time of stress in my life and I got an amazing performance in an extremely demanding project.

Francesca is one of the most gifted beings I have had the honoured to meet, if you are lucky to get one of her light language’s art codes remember that it is because you have a mission here, there are no coincidences; she was sent on your way to help you activate your higher potential and strengthen your gifts. It will take you to the next level.

I would recommend to get her light codes to anyone who resonates with them, specially if you want to connect strongly with your Cosmic family, progress on your path as light worker or starseed, or untap your true gifts. Enjoy the journey”