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July 26, 2022

Judith Kusel

Soul Reader



“Francesca your galaxy of origin is Arcturus. Your soul is one of those first Crystal Children who were born mainly to anchor in the crystalline bodies and also the knowledge regarding crystals in all and every form and way.

Thus is one who is essentially very crystalline in make-up and thus also in the way in which crystal not only brighten and add beautiful energy, but also indeed heal, and energize and indeed bring beautiful power to those who work with them. You are the same.

You are like fairy Godmother waving a magic wand and that magic wand, indeed is our own inner soul light, which indeed when it shines brightly, and you stand in your full soul power as a master, you indeed bring enlightenment, and indeed are here to bring the sacred Knowledge regarding the higher use of Crystals and crystalline energy grids and thus super quantum physics back into the New Earth.
You will find that crystal will just come to you and you will intuitively know what to do with them and how to communicate and work with the elementals in the Crystals.

Thus you have always been drawn to crystals, you will use and program crystal different from what others do.  Trust your intuition, and your own inner knowing, for your soul knows what to do, and how to do this, and thus if you are prompted to go and bury crystals in certain places, or even work with them in the way you soul guides you, you will indeed find that miracles happen.

You have immense genius in working with crystals and indeed building crystalline energy grids, and indeed using crystal to heal, to manifest, to dematerialize, and indeed to use crystals of healing chambers, for rejuvenation and indeed for revitalization, and indeed as elixirs.  More than this, you have the ability to create sacred places with crystals and using crystal energy grids, like labyrinths, and then indeed the electromagnetic power, the telluric energy fields, will be so great that the power used from these will even be able to be used domestically.

In your own home galaxy you work with crystal healing chambers, which are made out of pure crystal and thus the different colours and the different powers inherent in the crystals.  These crystal chambers will indeed remove all the blockages, all the discordant energies out the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and all bodies.  More than this, when one traverses the Universe and thus travels from one galaxy to another, or stary system to another, one sometimes will experience that the physical body needs to be tuned into that system and the dimensional frequency band it operates on.

These crystal chambers are on board the Great Motherships of the Arcturians and the Intergalactic Fleet.  As the Arcturians are the Master Healers of the Universe, they indeed are able to tune in the physical bodies, of all the Intergalactic Races and thus indeed they also are able to heal all the different physical forms for not all Galactic and Universal Space Races, have the same type of physical bodies.

Just like crystals. You are a Crystal Being and Crystal Soul!’