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July 26, 2022

Suzanne Ross

Ascension Coach and organizer of the Sedona Arizona Ascension Retreat Conferences.



“I am so incredibly grateful, I simply looked at these beautiful codes and felt an immediate reaction, an energetic upgrade and consciousness shifting. I felt the energetic impact both physically and mentally.

I love my codes!”


“Francesca, I am shown that you have connected to the universal mind, receiving information from various higher consciousness groups: the crystal, mineral and plant kingdoms as well as your other aspects of Self up to the 12th dimension. Show people what you can do, if you don’t it would be like Bach were playing the piano just in his basement and nobody enjoying the music, go out and display your music! Through all of your higher dimensional connections and with different methodologies and light language transmissions you will be helping and activating other already advanced Starseeds to open and upgrade further.
They are waiting and they will find you”