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July 26, 2022


Nutritionist and Personal Trainer



“I have worked with Francesca for a number of years now as a personal trainer and what I saw in her energy activation transmission was a side of her I had never witness before…her posture changed completely and while downloading these high frequencies she sustained vigorous physical levels of activity and a flexibility which she does not normally have, it was very clear something was moving her beyond her normal usual self. 

I have always been interested in exploring more about energy and healing so after finally creating time for an energy cleansing session with Francesca, I received exactly the awakening I needed to remind me of the power that I have within me and the divine light and joy that is active through me. This has translated into my practice as a trainer as I am able to channel that joy and energy through my movements and sessions and the difference is noted!

Thankyou so much for the awakening Francesca!